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The Lake Top with Flowers

//These are one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered versions of our favorite top!//

Handwoven with organically-grown cotton handspun with a drop spindle and then naturally dyed, these Lake Tops represent tradition, soft comfort, and environmental practices. The neckline is hand-embroidered with heirloom brown "ixcaco" cotton.

Truly slow made from start to finish, and these versions have hand-embroidered flowers. When we asked Claribel, our embroidery master from Sumpango, what she would like to embroider on these blouses, she jumped on the idea of the traditional kites and flowers. The flowers are traditional motifs found on the neckline embroidery of the huipil from Sumpango.

Because the top is made with one backstrap-woven panel, this width is the widest possible. 



Width: 23 inches 

Length: 21 inches plus 2 inches of twisted fringe on one end


Care: Wash by hand separately in cold water with gentle detergent. A little bit of running color is normal for the first couple of washes for naturally-dyed fibers. Lay flat or hang dry.



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