Blusa 89 (L)

//A new Artisan Direct listing from our partners in Cobán!//

We are really impressed with Doña Margarita on this new blouse. She invented anew pattern on herby adding an extra heddle to her backstrap loom so that the alternating rectangles appear in the weave. It creates a checkered effect that is unique and so appealing. All of this inspired by a Facebook post she saw of a footloom weaving by Deborah Chandler! What a small world this is. 

The sizing is quite generous and goes well with the loose wearing style of the region. Make sure to wear a camisole or a different shirt under - it could even be layered on top of long-sleeve shirts for winter.

All threads are cotton and both panels are handwoven on a backstrap loom with meticulous four-selvage finish on the loom for each panel.

This blouse was handwoven by the talented Margarita. 



Width: 28  inches

Length: 29.5 inches


Material: Cotton

Care: Please wash by hand and line-dry or lay flat to dry.

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