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Huipil 12: Nahualá

A handwoven vintage huipil from Nahualá featuring supplementary weft brocade. Each of the two panels has been woven on a backstrap loom, and then combined using a hand-embroidery technique called randa. It shows a striking contrast between the navy blue base and the red brocade. Three clean selvages, and the fourth one is folded over and sewn nicely. This piece is wearable, in the sense that the neck opening is generous and can physically be put on. It is currently not sewn on the sides, so the piece lays flat easily. Please let us know if you'd like the sides to be sewn by hand, we would be happy to organize this for you.

This piece is being sold by our friend Fernando from Chichicastenango. Fernando and his family have a small textile treasure store in their home town, a place filled with the most beautiful items imaginable. Currently because of travel restrictions due to COVID-19 both nationally and internationally, they have not had any local sales. Thus, the listing of some of the treasures on our site here on our Artisan Direct page.



Width: 30 inches

Length: 23 inches

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