Vintage 27: Corte Skirt Quetzaltenango

Cortes from Xela (also called Quetzaltenango) are lovely with the characteristic elegant randa embroidery and gathered style.

The gathering makes the corte feel more like a skirt, and is perhaps easier to wear for many people outside of Guatemala.

The simple ikat design is appealing, and the colors are well-coordinated. This corte is in circular form, already like a skirt with a cord holding the gathering at top. The randa embroidery is all done by hand, stitch by stitch.

Note that this pre-loved corte has one slightly visible stain when the fabric is stretched out. When worn, because of the gathering effect, it is hardly noticeable.

The modeled image was taken with a different corte.


Measurements when stretched:

Width: 31.5 inches  

Length: 34.5 inches

Material: Cotton 

Care: Machine wash in gentle cycle separately and line dry.

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