Announcing: The Colors of Guatemala Trip Jan 2024

Ixcaco Throw 4: Dolls

This large luscious throw uses 100% local organic cotton, most of which is the natural brown heirloom variety locally called "ixcaco" <ishcaco>. And the doll figures featured are the result of warp-faced weave, uncommonly seen in large pieces like this.

The ixcaco heirloom cotton is naturally brown, meaning that it is not dyed. This variety has become rare due to the fibers of its cotton being short, and thus requiring spinning by hand. It cannot be spun with industrial spinning machines.

Use this treasure as a blanket on your couch, bed, or outside on those chilly evenings.

Our friends over in San Juan la Laguna fertilize their cotton trees with a local ant poop - yup, poop. When the ants clean out their homes, so to say, the droppings are harvested, and left by the cotton trees.

This throw measures 40.5 inches by 68 inches, plus 2 inches of fringes.

This item ships directly from Guatemala.

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